• Reinventing Fire

    The public lecture given by Chairman Lu Anwu of RMI

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  • approval

    The campus ecological energy project received the experts' approval

    On November 11, 2012, the experts'discussion of Growth with Innovation, the experimental project to encourage college students innovate of SJTU was held. It is one of the projects the discipline committee holdsto help the students grow up during the third stage of 985. The campus ecological energy project based on the project of SDC SJTU is identified through the experts'assessment.

    The approval of the project shows the recognition from the teachers and students of SJTU, and will also inspire the team to try their best constructing the solar-powered house. Once the building is completed, it will not only show the application of the advanced technology of interdisciplinary, but become an important place for the teachers, students, corps to visit, hold Sharon and other activities as well. This will make it a real model for innovation activities.

  • assessment

    The assessment & recruitment of the SDC members accomplished

    December 2, 2012, the SDC team of STJU finished the annual assessment among the team members. In this process, a few members left the team because of their own reasons and some people who failed to perform well in the past few days, were required to exit the rest of the competition. Although we feel pity on them, yet good teamwork is ensured by a process of survival of the fittest. Therefore, we started another recruitment immediately.

    Thanks to online platform and the posters that promote our team and the SDC, more than 70 students from different departments sign up for our interview. The interviews are in the charge of the group leaders, and different forms including group interviews and one-to-one interviews are used. After two nights' interviews and discussion, more than 20 students became our new members and about 10 would be our volunteers. By that time, team SJTU becomes a strong alliance which consists of students and teachers from over 10 departments. We are working hard and confidently on the project. See you in Datong in August!

  • promotion

    The promotion on the SDC team of SJTU accomplished successfully

    On the noon of December 17, 2012, 'Come on SJTU SDC!', the promoting activity on the SDC team of SJTU was hold on the stage next to the Second Cafeteria. The members introduced the competition and the team SJTU to the students, and distributed brochures in order to help them get more details. At the same time, the members invited the students to sign their names on the banner and take a photo with the blessings they wrote for SDC SJTU. What's more, every student participated got a badge of SDC SJTU. The promotion lasted over two hours and was in a warm atmosphere. At last, the banner was full of the signatures and the blessings.

    As the competition approaches, the promoting activities will be extended off campus. What's more, we will also introduce better methods to draw attention and supports from more people.

  • location

    The location of the model on campus has been decided

    The location of the solar model room on SJTU campus has been finalized. In December 2012, after careful and repeated measurement and comparison between the two alternative sites, the team chose to build the model room beside the Guangming Stadium. Again, they thoroughly mapped the chosen site, obtained data and got a rough idea of the type of trees and the scale of the site as well as the planning for paths and buildings. Located in the eastern part of the campus and familiar to many students, this area definitely has its advantages. Covered by lawns, geographically open and receiving plenty of sunshine, the site perfectly accords with the theme of River Sunvelop. Also, the southern site sees a wide and open area, while in the north, it faces the beautiful Siyuan Lake.

  • SJTU

    Team of SJTU reaches agreements with severalwell-known enterprises

    The team has reached agreements with several renowned sponsors and enterprises. Under the support from many of those sponsors, the team are now carrying out their work in an orderly manner. At meanwhile, the team are negotiating with those companies, hoping to be technically supported in constructing the solar model buildings. The SDC is a comprehensive contest, aiming at the application of solar power and energy saving to contribute to a smarter lifestyle. The SDC team of SJTU is sincerely looking forward to your attention and your support!

  • SJTU

    The construction of prototype house on campus began

    On March 20th 2013, Team SJTU hoisted the first piece of wall. The construction of the prototype house for River Sunvelop is to be completed in April. The building will become an economic, energy-saving and intelligent living space whose energy comes entirely from sun. It will become an ecological demonstration building. Meanwhile, it will become the testing construction of Team SJTU.

    Vice general secretary Zhu Jian, Vice president Wu Dan, Vice president Huang Zhen and representatives of sponsors attended the ceremony. School leaders, representatives of enterprises, consultants and team members pressed the fingerprint, witnessing the moment.

    "River Sunvelop", with the theme of new energy, new village, new life, seizes the chance of developing new energy, constructing new countryside, promoting urbanization, cultivating urban agglomerations in the Yangtze River Delta. The team members from School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering etc participated in design, construction and maintenance operation.

  • SJTU

    Team SJTU Participated in the "Top 10 Highlights" Contest at 7th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition

    Several members of Team SJTU came to the 7th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on May 14th, 2013. Project manager Pan Duozhao delivered a speech at the "Top 10 Highlights" Contest on behalf of our team. He briefly introduced our project, River Sunvelop, and the application of PV systems in a "positive energy" house located on the campus of SJTU. The juries and guests warmly praised our efforts and wished us excellent performance in the Solar Decathlon China.

  • Econova

    A positive energy house was established in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    It was declared publicly on July 4th 2013 that a positive energy house, the prototype of River Sunvelop was established on Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. President of SJTU, Jie Zhang, general secretary of SJTU, Jian Zhu, vice president of SJTU, Dan Wu and Zhen Huang attended the ceremony. President Zhang launched a speech, speaking highly of the efforts and hard work of all the team members and instructors during the past two years and wishing Team SJTU fabulous results in the Solar Decathlon China 2013.

    The preparation of River Sunvelop initiated in April, 2011. Designed and constructed by students in SJTU, River Sunvelop is called a positive energy house, since the energy generated by PV system far outweighs that consumed in daily operation. Meanwhile, the energy saving materials contribute to much better thermal insulation. Equipped with a smart controlling system, it is a living space with suitable temperature but a plunge of energy consumption by more than 40%. Air-conditioning system and hot water system are coupling together which recover emitted heat to heat water and make full utilization of thermal energy. Traditional Jiangnan dwelling is the inspiration of River Sunvelop, which takes an outlook into the green, ecological and smart future life. It has extraordinary scientific value and marketing appeal.

    In order to come up with the best solution, over the past two years, more than 100 students and faculty members from 12 academic disciplines from SJTU collaborated as ten specialized teams including project management, architecture, HVAC and PV system etc. Joined by over 30 sponsors, Team SJTU innovated across multiple systems and implemented several novel technologies to advance and perfect the architectural and system designs. They applied these improvements and innovations to their house for Solar Decathlon.

    During the ceremony, Schneider Electric, ZTT Econova Homes, Applied Materials and other sponsors were acknowledged. Team SJTU hope to cooperate deeply and comprehensively with those enterprises and accomplish the goal of mutually rewarding.