The promotion on the SDC team of SJTU accomplished successfully

On the noon of December 17, 2012, 'Come on SJTU SDC!', the promoting activity on the SDC team of SJTU was hold on the stage next to the Second Cafeteria. The members introduced the competition and the team SJTU to the students, and distributed brochures in order to help them get more details. At the same time, the members invited the students to sign their names on the banner and take a photo with the blessings they wrote for SDC SJTU. What's more, every student participated got a badge of SDC SJTU. The promotion lasted over two hours and was in a warm atmosphere. At last, the banner was full of the signatures and the blessings.


As the competition approaches, the promoting activities will be extended off campus. What's more, we will also introduce better methods to draw attention and supports from more people.