The assessment & recruitment of the SDC members accomplished

December 2, 2012, the SDC team of STJU finished the annual assessment among the team members. In this process, a few members left the team because of their own reasons and some people who failed to perform well in the past few days, were required to exit the rest of the competition. Although we feel pity on them, yet good teamwork is ensured by a process of survival of the fittest. Therefore, we started another recruitment immediately.


Thanks to online platform and the posters that promote our team and the SDC, more than 70 students from different departments sign up for our interview. The interviews are in the charge of the group leaders, and different forms including group interviews and one-to-one interviews are used. After two nights' interviews and discussion, more than 20 students became our new members and about 10 would be our volunteers. By that time, team SJTU becomes a strong alliance which consists of students and teachers from over 10 departments. We are working hard and confidently on the project. See you in Datong in August!