The construction of prototype house on campus began

On March 20th 2013, Team SJTU hoisted the first piece of wall. The construction of the prototype house for River Sunvelop is to be completed in April. The building will become an economic, energy-saving and intelligent living space whose energy comes entirely from sun. It will become an ecological demonstration building. Meanwhile, it will become the testing construction of Team SJTU.

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Vice general secretary Zhu Jian, Vice president Wu Dan, Vice president Huang Zhen and representatives of sponsors attended the ceremony. School leaders, representatives of enterprises, consultants and team members pressed the fingerprint, witnessing the moment.


"River Sunvelop", with the theme of new energy, new village, new life, seizes the chance of developing new energy, constructing new countryside, promoting urbanization, cultivating urban agglomerations in the Yangtze River Delta. The team members from School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering etc participated in design, construction and maintenance operation.